Our Services:

  • Review & Consultation
  • Building Code and NYC Zoning Resolution
  • Document Preparation: Alteration Type 1, 2, 3, New Buildings, and Renovations
  • Reinstatement
  • Construction Code Documents (CCD 1)
  • Amendments to Approved Plans (PAAS)
  • After Hours Variance Permits

Carner Associates Inc. brings unique insights and over 40 years of experience to addressing any building or property question you may encounter.
We consult, review, and advise so that you, the client can make an informed decision.

Step 1

Call , email, fax, scan, or make an appointment to come in and tell us what is going on.  We will review your documents and answer your questions.

Step 2

Depending on the results above, we can now advise you on what steps you need to take.  Do you actually need a work permit?  How can we dismiss an old violation? Does the certificate of occupancy cover my proposed use of my building?  These are just a few questions we encounter on a daily basis.

Step 3

If necessary, we can prepare and file the necessary applications to various city agencies such as the Department of Buildings (DOB), Landmarks (LPC). Real Property (DOF), Department of Environmental Protection  (DEP) in order to help you dismiss violations, obtain work permits, inspections, letters of completion or certificate of occupancy.