Carner Associates Inc. has successfully provided a number of services to help expedite your building process following building department codes.


List of Services Include:



                           Categories of Construction Work
The DOB divides construction work into two main categories: New Buildings (NB) and Alterations (ALT). Based on the scope of work, alterations are further divided into 3 categories, ALT 1, ALT 2, and ALT 3s.

                             What Kind of Work do you Need Done?
Alt 1- is a major alteration which the use or occupancy of an existing property changes. Ex: changing the occupancy of a one-family home to a two-family home.
Alt 2- is an alteration which the use or occupancy does not change, but includes different work types such as plumbing and mechanical.
Alt 3- is a minor alteration that only involves one work type such as a construction fence.

                              Do you Need a Permit?
Alt 1’s and Alt 2’s must be filed by registered architect or licensed engineer.
Some Alt 3’s do not require professional assistance or detailed plans.